Other elements of Unahoban language

Sentence structure

Sentence structure in Unahoban is SOV, this is, subject + object + verb. However, there are a few cases where this structure changes to OVS: in questions, sentences beginning with adverbs, and subordinate clauses.

Adjectives go before or after the noun, though the former is the most common.

Names of places

There are a few ways of understanding the names of countries, cities and such in Unahoban. Sometimes, even some of them coexist at the same time.

The older one is the use of -dalha, which is a "city" of sorts. We have Unandalha, the city by the lake of Unan; and Hamdalha, the "city of Ham", where Ham is a hill. Indeed, the most common use of -dalha is with natural elements: rivers, hills, lakes, etc.